Mixtape Friday feat. Plies, Big Sean, Kanye West, Trey Songz, Talib Kweli & Michael Jackson

The moment we’ve ALL been waiting for! FRIDAY! Not just any Friday, this Friday begins the Labor Day weekend, a three-day weekend (for those of us who are lucky) that will feature good eating, good partying and hopefully some relaxation. Contrary to popular belief there will be a lot to do here in Kansas City, and everywhere for that matter. So of course the mixtape Gods have come together to bless us with music to ride to, chill to, fight to, smoke to, drink to, and possibly make sweet love to. I mean whatever your thing is we’ve got it here. I’ve spent pretty much all week reviewing SOME of these, of course a couple slipped through the cracks, but I did my best to sort through what was good and what was not so good. Thank me later and shit! Be safe and have fun!

Plies ~ You Need People Like Me

Listen First (download via livemixtapes)

Big Sean ~ Finally Famous

Listen First (download via livemixtapes)

Kanye West ~Power Mixtape

Listen First (download via livemixtapes)

Trey Songz ~ Mr. Steal Yo Girl

Listen First (download via livemixtapes)

Talib Kweli – Dub Kweli

Listen First (download via livemixtapes)

Michael Jackson ~ Man or the Music

Listen First (download via livemixtapes)


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