Kanye West ~ Devil in a New Dress (Good Friday)

Every Friday Kanye gives us a taste of whats to come on the upcoming album which I’m sure hes changed the name of by now. This Friday being no different than the rest he has given us “Devil in a New Dress” just in time for summer as he so eloquently puts it.

Also if you were up early enough to catch it on twitter, Kanye reached out to his followers, the media, bloggers, and the haters (which in some peoples opinion can all be balled into one) to basically say he’s sorry. He is not a monster. Hes a living beathing human. Hes not the complete asshole he once claimed to be. He wants everyone to live life, while he provides the soundtrack. He then apologized to Taylore Swift, which I’m cool with, but I could have sworn hes done this once before. Are we that unforgiving? I would hope not, anyway, on to the new music..I really like this one…

Devil in New Dress


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