New Releases (Sept. 7)

Every since the New Year Buck has had a vendetta against 50 Cent, some say its due to the fact that 50 won’t let buck out of his contract, for whatever reason. Early August Bucks home was raided and most of his assets  were seized due to back taxes. When Buck was asked about this he stated that his accountant is 50’s accountant. O_O Do with that information what you will.

Anyway through it all he releases “The Rehab” today. I hope this whole album isn’t dedicated to 50 Cent, I hate when rappers do that, even NasStillmatic wasnt centered mainly around Jay Z.

Also included a “diss” track called “Steroids” for 50 Cent

Young Buck ~ Steroids


  • 1. Tha Streetz
  • 2. This Is Mine
  • 3. Smoke Our Life Away
  • 4. Statistics
  • 5. Keep It Moving
  • 6. Hood Documentary
  • 7. Ya Betta Know It
  • 8. When the Rain Stops
  • 9. Not Killing Me
  • 10. Nothin 4 Ya
  • 11. Bust, The
  • 12. Like a Million
  • 13. Leave It Alone
  • 14. Reality Check

Also new today Dorrough “Get Big”. The single is pretty hot here in Kansas City, I won’t lie, when it comes on the radio, I get a little too excited. I’m not a Dorrough fan, he just doesn’t do much for me, I’ve also heard a track entitled “Freaky” off of the album, and I have to admit I’m not impressed. However he has a rather large backing from the South, including Southern Rappers. This album might be one of those windows down, summer time, cruising down the strip albums. So get it before the season changes.

Heres another single off of the album featuring Jim Jones entitled “Get Em Live”

Dorrough feat. Jim Jones ~Get Em Live

Also adding this track called “Street Fighter” for no particular reason at all besides I’m an 80’s baby and this was the best game on Super Nintendo to play. Chun Li> all the other Street Fighters!

Dorrough ~ Streetfighter


1. Sold Out
2. Get Big
3. M.I.A.
4. Get Em Live (Feat. Jim Jones)
5. Skit (Lil Duval)
6. Hell Of A Night
7. In The Morning
8. Handcuffs (Feat. Slim Thug)
9. Breakfest In Bed (Feat. Ray J)
10. Ahh Yeah
11. Hood Chick Fetish (Feat. Yo Gotti)
12. Freaky (Feat. Tomeka Pearl)
13. Trouble
14. My Name
15. Si Si Like
16. Way Better (Feat. Juvenile)

Have a happy Tuesday :o)


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