Kanye West VMA Perfomance (Runaway feat. Pusha T)

After repeatedly hearing…

Keisha, you did you see Kanye’s performance for the VMA’s? The song was crazy, it could be your new anthem…

I had to listen to it, after doing so I’m like come on that’s how you guys think about me. Funny. Kanye took the emo route with this one, or at least that what he manages to make you believe with the beginning of the track it starts really quietly with a single piano playing, and then he rolls into what has to be one of the greatest most artistic ways to say “Fuck yo couch” that I’ve ever heard.

In the first verse, he still sounds like he’s apologetic, and then the hook comes in:

Lets have a toast for the douche bags, Lets have a toast for the assholes

Lets have a toast for the scumbags, every one of them that I know,

Lets have a toast for the jerk offs, that’ll never take work off

Baby I got a plan…runaway fast as you can

I dig what he’s saying. He’s not saying he’s sorry, he is simply admitting to what he is, and what he’s done. He is not at all saying that he’s going to change. The way I take it hes saying runaway, if you can’t take who I am…run away as fast as you can. Theres no compromising the person I am or who I’ve become up to this point. So to the person who said this could be my new anthem. I say, damn skippy jiffy, I’m naked and unapologetic, and if you don’t like it…well you can run away too…ok seriously don’t I need you guys to love me…I swear

Kanye West – Runaway f_ Pusha T


6 thoughts on “Kanye West VMA Perfomance (Runaway feat. Pusha T)

  1. you lost me at you’re naked…where?!?!? *GOGGLE SEARCH*

    I still haven’t got a chance to watch…like i said probably won’t be as good anyway…but i hear he came on after Taylor…i’m sure that was planned to a “T”! People secretly love Kanye…everyone say high to the bad guy…

    • I hear we didnt miss anything, so I’m not amped to watch, I’ll catch it next year.

      If you search Keisha Michelle you’ll find the naked pics, just ignore the face I look different now :o)

    • Like I said, I missed it 😦

      Kanye West is one of my favorite artists. He raps waaaaaaaay outside of the box, but not so much so where you’d think he was weird, hes like…cool weird lol.

  2. reading this made me get real hype…it was like I had a drink in my hand and I was holding it up in the air until I looked around and noticed I’m at work holding up my fist pump…i like

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