New Releases (September 14)

Krizz Kaliko ~ Shock Treatment


Krizz Kaliko, figured I’d start with some hometown glory this week. Krizz Kaliko a member of Strange Music hailing from Kansas City, he sings, raps, and dances…seriously he dances I’ve seen it. To see anyone from Strange Music perform is epic. Krizz has released his 3rd album “Shock Treatment” featuring the single “Elevator”.

Krizz Kaliko feat Tech N9NE ~Elevator (Clean)


  • Shock Treatment
  • Simon Says
  • Hardcore
  • Get Around
  • Elevator
  • Skally Wag
  • Stripper Dance
  • Get it Girl
  • One of Them Ones
  • All Gas No Brakes
  • Get Active
  • Freaks
  • Rejection
  • Ack-a Donkey
  • In my Dreams
  • Alive
  • Stand By


Marques Houston ~ Mattress Music

Next up, Marques Houtson, admittedly I do NOT like the single “Pullin On Her Hair” featuring Rick Ross. I just don’t, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m rocking my hair short right now. I promise. I chose this song because its kind of cute, I would get dressed to it.

Marques Houston ~ Kickin & Screamin


  • Mattress Music
  • Pullin On Her Hair
  • Kickin and Screamin
  • Mess
  • Noize
  • Swag Sex
  • He Aint Me
  • High Notes
  • Ghetto Angel
  • Explosion
  • Waterfall


Bilal Oliver ~ Airtights Revenge

Long awaited, for many, Bilal is back, as if he ever left. Throughout the past few months Bilal has done features on a few songs, basically teasing us with whats to come. Another artist I have had the honor of seeing live, his voice is beautiful.

Bilal ~ Flying


  • Cake and Eat it Too
  • Restart
  • All matter
  • Flying
  • Levels
  • Little One
  • Move On
  • Robots
  • The Dollar
  • Who Are You
  • Think it Over

5 thoughts on “New Releases (September 14)

  1. Poor Marcus…he’s trying to hard to sound like Trey on that song. Some people no matter how hard they try can never live down things like IMX or House Party 4.

    Can we talk over —–> about the Bilal? I’m gonna need the whole thing…

    • lol, I guess I could do that huh Arvelisha? Thats why your avatar looks just like you.

      It all depends on the person, for you I dont reccomend any of this. Aren’t you happy I know you that well?

      Krizz Kaliko is local, kind of a rock sound like Tech N9NE you wouldnt like him.
      Marques Houston just needs to sit down somewhere and play in House Party 6
      Bilal is really soulful, you might like this one. I’ll let you listen to any samples I have though.

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