Style Icon ~ Rihanna (Playing in the Shade)

Anyone who knows me personally knows I adore all shades of purple, my bedroom scheme is just different shades of purple. Royalty. I think it’s fitting for me, don’t you? Anyway, when I saw this look on my heart dropped. First of all Rihanna is so pretty to me, she pulls off this look effortlessly. I’m a beginner when it comes to actually applying make up  (I know, I should be ashamed, surprisingly I’m not…go figure) but I’m learning slowly but surely with tutorials from youtube and tips from my glam friends.

I always like to play it safe with make up, so I go for what I know is good, and that’s Mac Cosmetics. I used to be the plain Jane type, and by plain Jane I mean I only went into Mac to purchase lip glass…CLEAR lip glass. Then I tried hot pink lip gelee, (this feels awesome on your lips and isn’t as shiny and as thick as lip glass). Then I tried this mineralizing powder, which I swear by to this gives me the nicest bronze look. Now I’m up to eyeliner, mascara (when I wear my REAL lashes), and I play in blush sometimes.

I own quite a few different lipstick colours…I call it my feelin’ fancy era. It’s really fun, ladies…try it I know we sometimes stick to a basic color, but remember to dress outside the box, and your style doesn’t STOP at your clothing.

Ri-Ri also has a new single out called “Only Girl (in the world)” which is the single off of her upcoming project. Its strobe lightish in my opinion, take that however you like :o).

Rihanna ~ Only Girl (In The World)


8 thoughts on “Style Icon ~ Rihanna (Playing in the Shade)

  1. I’m Mr.TramueL and I volunteer to make Rihanna feel like the only girl in the world. The End.

    Great skill, I appreciate your post.

  2. Had to think for a sec how I could make this post relevant to me…lol!

    So Ill do as Tramuel has done above and say although I know she’s probably “…if u don’t shut up I’m gonna bang ur head on this dashboard” crazy and is slowly becoming one of those “somebody that has been with everybody” types if given half a sec Ri-Ri could get for a whole minute! Wow..that was a long run-on sentence…good thing ur the writter not me…lol!

    And I most add you’re getting really good…This is the most I’ve read since high school! Now u just need to start writting books…not to mention your beautiful darlin *in my lady eloise voice*

    PS I hate lip glass…I makes womens lips crazy sticky! U damn near tear the meat off ur lip trying to whip it off!

    • Ugh! When I had hair it would totally stick to my lips when the wind blew. I hated it, then I discovered lip gelee. It goes on soooo smooth. Besides high gloss isnt all that cute to me at this point.

      Awww you think I’m talented AND cute…thats so sweet. Someone contacted me about writing a book for them, I dont know if he’s serious though, and I wouldnt even know where to begin.

  3. Completely agree. I started off the same way really “plain jane” sort of and I gradually started adding more to regime and makeup collection. Today I am completely obsessed and wearing pink lipgloss is the norm. Gaga and Satin Lipstick from Mac are my favorite.

    • Oh my GOSH YES!

      First off, thanks so much for visiting AND commenting, its nice to see new faces around here. Secondly I love the Gaga selection they have at the Mac store. I’ve been toning it down with a nude color lately though since Fall is basically here. I wonder how hot pink would look in the dead of winter. Hmmmm lol.

  4. I purchase lip gelee from MAC also and I love it. Even played around with the other cosmetics but the end result is always a clown face. MAC needs to host a make-up tutorial monthly.

    • lol at the clown face.

      I am horrified of that, but what I’m more scared of is the white face and the brown neck. What the heck causes that to happen? I suppose the person doesnt match their make up well, all I know is it looks hideous. Thanks for reading T!

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