Bullsh*t A$$ Song of the Week Vol. 1

Everyone has that song that comes on the radio that makes them want to drive their car into the nearest brick wall and deal with the consequences later. Well, at least I do it seems like for every good single released, there are 6 bad ones to counter it. With the help of Comedian Cerrome Russell I have brought to you, “Bullsh*t Ass Song of the Week”. A vlog that exposes fuckery for what it truly is, we on our superhero shit. Thank us later.

This weeks lucky winner:

Bobby Valentino’s V-Neck feat. Plies Lips ~ Phone Number


Follow Cerrome on twitter @CerromeRussell for updates on upcoming shows, and for a mid-day laugh as well. Cerrome also hosts Soul Sessions every Monday night at the Juke House in Kansas City, Missouri.

If you have any song that just disturbs you to no end, feel free to email your submissions to info@ikeish.com, thanks.


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