Free Mixtape Friday

Seems as if Drake is trying to make is presence relevant the same way he did when we were first introduced to him. In my opinion this is a pretty good idea, his album didn’t sell as much as predicted. However this doesn’t take from the talent that made the hip hop community take notice.

Drake ~ Sincerely Yours

21 Tracks

Kanye West ~ Power

20 Tracks

Kanye West has released a more official mixtape for Power, this mixtape includes more Kanye and less everyone else. A few of my favorites are featured on this album as well as some that have not been heard, or released via Kanyes “Good Friday” campaign. There are a few raw freestyles on the mixtape as well.

This is truly all I have for today unless I post Lil B The Based Gods mixtape, and I refuse to do so. I was looking for some decent RnB, but that was a fail. Anyway, have a good weekend, and happy FALL!


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