Lets Have A Toast (Kanye Diss)

Am I so much of a stan for Uncle Kanye West that I will not address the people who have nothing good to say about him? Of course, I’m not. As much as I love Kanye I know he’s not above getting criticized, this is painfully evident. I also think its evident that he doesn’t care. However, the shots taken are still interesting, true or not.

So…who did the diss? Do you have to ask….there arent many choices. 

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Beanie Siegal
  3. Cam’Ron/Jim Jones

Now, if you guessed number 3 you will receive a purple jellybean in the mail within 5 days.

Yep, Cam and Jones are at it with this one.

People might hear this and they might take it the wrong way  that’s what people do (like I give a fuck..order some more bottles). They gone think we starting trouble like usual, (pull the car up, pull the car up) but we just viewing our opinions (ya know) Some people might get offended, aint tryina ruffle nobodies feathers but…YOU NIGGAS AINT GON’ DO SHIT! (nothin)

Funny intro in my opinion. Is it weird that I enjoy the way Cam talks more than I do his actual raps. I don’t know. Anyway, enjoy.

Cam’Ron feat Jim Jones ~ Toast (Kanye Diss)


One thought on “Lets Have A Toast (Kanye Diss)

  1. Aaaaaaah…i don’t know if you can consider this a diss track. They still mad about Rocafella…awww, at least they ride for Dame til the death.

    I’m a Dipset fan, but i haven’t really been impressed by anything they’ve put out in this “reunion” effort.

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