Maroon 5 ~ Hands All Over (Album Review)

Maroon 5 has been in the limelight since 1997, and they have proven their longevity. All members of the band hail from Los Angeles, California, and started off as a garage band as all good bands do.  Band members are very familiar with urban music including hip hop, making them well-rounded.

I love front man Adam Levines vocals. The album goes from fast paced up beat to slower tempo love songs. Their single “Misery” which has an interesting video, is just a mild teaser of what the album holds.

The album is solid. Gets an *ikeish nod* which is better than an *ikeish shrug* Gosh I’m cool lol.

Maroon 5 ~ Hands All Over

  • Misery
  • Give A Little More
  • Stutter
  • Dont Know Nothing
  • Never Gonna Leave This Be
  • I Cant Lie
  • Hands All Over
  • How
  • Get Back In My Life
  • Just A Feeling
  • Runaway
  • Out of Goodbyes ( feat. Lady Antebellum)
  • Last Chance
  • No Curtain Call
  • Never Gonna Leave This Be (Acoustic)
  • Misery (Acoustic)
  • If I Aint Got You (Live)

Red titles are on the deluxe edition. If you would like an advanced copy of the deluxe edition, please subscribe to


2 thoughts on “Maroon 5 ~ Hands All Over (Album Review)

    • If I had to choose based off of how I’m feeling today it would have to be “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” its so pretty to me.

      I also like Just a Feeling, How, and that one with Lady Antebellum because it kind of has a country twang to it

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