Style Icon ~ Inspired by P.Diddy “Shades”

First of all I love this song, aside from Lil Waynes spoken word. The single is bananas. Is this what I can look forward to on The Last Train to Paris?

I sure hope so, I’d download buy it for sure if this is a song off of the album. The song has me feeling really sexy right now. I have this affinity for shades, all kinds but I also lose them very easily. I lost a pair from California on a Sea Doo in Mexico, I lost some aviators in the mall, I lost those big hollywood shades that everyone was rocking after a club (yes I was one of those people, shades in the club, sue me). I mean I’ve lost a lot of shades.

Well, one day I stumbled upon an awesome treasure, while shopping with my sister…

Yes! Shades with Chains on them…so I bought a pair, and if you guessed I lost them, you guessed wrong. But my chain did eventually break and that sucked majorly. Anyway, I like the chain it made me look punk rockish, and stand out a bit, and isn’t that what this segment is all about? Dressing outside the box. Can’t wait to purchase some more.

For your listening pleasure: This track features Lil Wayne Justin Timberlake. I’m feeling really sexy right now. This is dangerous.

 Diddy feat Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake ~ Shades


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