Nicki Minaj~ Right Through Me

I’m not sure if Nicki is trying to be a rapper or a singer. I also don’t know how to feel about this song, however I can relate. Without getting uber personal, I will just say this, to find someone who sees right through you is both a victory and a defeat.

BACK to the music! I’m not sure why people say Nicki Minaj is a Lil Kim wannabe, I don’t see it, and I know I’m going to probably get hanged for this, but Lil Kim had a different, more street, and raw style. When it comes to lyrics the two are not the same. Now, when it comes to the wigs and choice in wardrobe I’ll admit there are similarities, but how about admitting there’s no such thing as original anymore. What you’ve done has been done 10x over, but it’s up to YOU to make it better.

I like Nicki, from her fun accents to her affinity for signing boobs. Shes a cutie, this song will probably get plenty of play from the ladies.

 Nicki Minaj ~ Right Through Me

Download here

Also, a brief interview with below:


3 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj~ Right Through Me

  1. It’s a young money thing…you have to sing, rap, be bi-polar and an alien. I can see ladies loving this…I actually like when she actually raps…the voices annoy me, well except the “all around the wooooooorld…” that’s my joint! just that part…

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