J. Cole has a Plan (and so do I)

I’m not a fan of sports, I’m not into video games at all. Maybe I should at least try it out though, especially since my great light-skinned hope J. Cole released a track entitled “The Plan” for EA Sports NBA Elite 2011. I could ball out to this, okay maybe not. Video games or just blah to me! Unless its Donkey Kong, or Super Mario Brothers…SCORE!

“why don’t you reach for the sky, oh you don’t believe you can fly? Oh, I guess I’ll see you when you get there”

Ok, so I made a major decision in my life, a scary major decision, and it came abruptly, and unexpected but I knew it was coming. My life changed in a matter of seconds, though I’m more happy than anything. I decided that its time I pursued my dreams 100% so that’s what I am currently doing. I am now a full-time writer. I cannot explain how excited I am about this, I know that it won’t be a full on easy task, but I’m willing to take the bumps and bruises to get to where I want to be…so….excuse me while I touch the sky, and if you’re afraid for me, pray for me. :o)

One time for the plan, straight to the top I got the power in my hand pen, live for the moment, be high, act like you want it reach high, no we aint on, but we try…

 J. Cole ~ The Plan

Dowload here


One thought on “J. Cole has a Plan (and so do I)

  1. Just don’t forget nicca like myself when you get there…throw me a bone or at least a shout out during one of your award acceptance speeches!!!

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