Jeremih ~ All About You

Chicago native Jeremih is back with his sophomore album “All About You” this Tuesday September 28, 2010, featuring the single “I like” with Ludacris. This album promises just what that song promises. Some sexed up tracks, with a few love ballads in between. This would be awesome background music to a good session, but not much else. Listening to it in the car would only set the mood for me being on my way to some sex, I’m just being honest. The songs that are on the album that aren’t sexual, are good as well, but I would have liked if he set a mood and stuck with it, unless he was telling a story by placing the tracks, but I can’t tell if that’s what he was doing.

11 or so tracks full of lay it down lyrics, not too deep, you wont have to do much thinking at all, but who wants to “think” when you’re getting it in?

Jeremih ~All About You~ Tracklist:

  • All About you
  • X’s and O’s
  • Dawn on Me (feat 50 Cent)
  • Take Off
  • I Like (feat Ludacris)
  • Waiter (5 Senses)
  • Broken Down
  • Holding On
  • Wanna Get Up
  • Sleepers
  • Love Dont Change

Tracks I like, click to listen:

Jeremih ~ All About You

Jeremih ~ Waiter (The 5 Senses)

If you would like an advanced copy of the album, this is available to you by subscribing yo which can be done so at the bottom of this article, thanks!


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