New Releases (September 28)

The big release on everyone’s mind is Jeezy’s TM 103. After being pushed back time after time. The “trap” can finally breathe. (I know you’re laughing because I said that, and so am I). Either I’m a crappy journalist, or Jeezy has had this album in a vice hold. I cannot find a leak for it anywhere, and for that I both commend AND curse Young Jeezy.

It has been said in recent interviews, that Jeezy is going back to the streets, back to the TOD 1o1 days. The content in his mixtape “1000 Grams” gave notice to the fact that Jeezy is taking it back to the “trap” (yep, I laughed again). Since I had no luck in finding the TM 103 Leak, I was astounded to hear that Jeezy was dropping yet another album at 6pm, for the streets, so you know I had to do it.

Young Jeezy The Last Laugh Tracklist:

  • Last Laugh
  • Game Over
  • Handle My Business
  • Rap Game
  • Amen
  • Do It Again
  • Trippin’
  • All White
  • Jizzle
  • Pressures On
  • Dont Stop
  • Strip Club

Download Full Album Here


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