Deuces Remix (Radio Version)

I liked the song, but I love the remix.

Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, and of course, my forever man Andre 3000. I’m thinking I’m going to wait it out until some one like 3 stacks comes along, randomly he is the perfect gentleman in my mind.


You lookin’ bad, girl for goodness sakes, you with all them curves, and me without no brakes…ooh”


Deep inside its killing me, but soon its gone be killin you, to see her in that 2 seater, no thats gone hurt yo feelins boo, annhaaann…”

Kanye West:

Getcha mind right baby, or getcha isht together, you gon’ be hot a lil while, but I’ll be rich forever…


Think I give 2 ish, you aint gone do ish, meet my 2 fingers…intro-deuces….

Andre 3000

It’s hard to throw up the deuces, cause when you know its juicy, you start to sound like Confucius when making up excuses…

Chris Brown ~ Deuces Remix (Radio Edit)


6 thoughts on “Deuces Remix (Radio Version)

  1. 3000 killed on this verse. It took me a couple of tries to get it but once I did everybody else pales in comparison. Although it’s funny heartbreak drake and chris are on the same track ex girlfriends considering…

  2. had to come back to my resident musicologist for an explaination of 3000 verse. I keep hearing he had the best one…I mean they were all good to me…his no better than the others. Am I missing something? HELP KANE!

    • I think the fact that we miss 3 stacks plays heavily into our appreciation for pretty much anything hes on, I’m not saying that he could come back and say tickety boo and we’d love it, what I am saying is that people are always super excited to hear him, Jay, and a few others on tracks. So, was his verse better than the rest…maybe not, but everyone else doesnt have the emotional hold that Dre has on his fans.

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