Bullsh*t A$$ Song of the Week Vol 2

Usually this is posted on Thursdays, but I’ve been slacking and for that I apologize, so its Sunday and we’re officially back on it. This weeks BS song of the week comes from John Blu and is entitled “In Love Witcho Booty” as if the title doesn’t say enough I had to have my boy Cerrome Russell break it down as well. So please enjoy the video, I know I did.


4 thoughts on “Bullsh*t A$$ Song of the Week Vol 2

  1. “…in a stranger danger Bishop Long way…” OMG, I spit out my water!!! LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO!!! That was funny!!!

    If he get the right video vixen and put a dance to it, he might have a hit on his hands…

  2. Oh yea btw…i didn’t want to say anything, but i was highly disappointed when i didn’t see any post over the last couple of days…i thought the music industry had finally shit canned!

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