Kanye West ~ Dont Stop

Kanye West, a little late as am I, dropped the Don’t Stop track on Saturday, but better late than never I always say, this track features Lupe Fiasco along with Pharrell, the trio is known as C.R.S. Not a huge fan of this song after the first listen. Although Kanye has some good lines in his verse he cannot save the entire track. I’m not saying its a terrible track however it dulls in comparison to Kanyes other Good Friday releases.

Click here to download

Kanye West ~ Don’t Stop!


2 thoughts on “Kanye West ~ Dont Stop

  1. This releases are starting to sound like a musical garage sale…you have to search through a bunch of old shit people no longer want to find something new they might of put out by mistake…but it’s to late everything is a quarter!

    I’m not good at metaphors…that’s why i’m not a poet or a writer…you’ll be happy to know i read my second book for pleasure last week though…i’m going backpack shopping this weekend and then i’m gonna switch up my whole steez…gonna get extra third eye and intellectual and shit!

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