Ciara Wants To give you “dat”

The question is, will you take it?

Ciara has become kind of irrelevant in the music industry, don’t sue me for saying it, you were thinking it. I actually like Ci-Ci, she’s cute, tall, thin, and can dance her ass off. I even like her singing. For some reason, even with all of the above qualities, I find it hard to take her seriously. I don’t know why, maybe it’s those clear heeled chucks

EPIPHANY!!! It’s the fact that she used to date Lil Bow Wow, I figured it out. Okay, I’m kidding. Here is Ciara’s new video off of her upcoming album “Basic Instinct”. The release date changes constantly, but I’ll probably go and pick it up just to see what shes talking about, she always tweets that she’s doing this one for the fans, so it will be interesting to see. Not as interesting as this video though….its a good day to be tall, thin, and flexible…go me! (oh and Ciara)


Ciara ~ Gimme Dat


2 thoughts on “Ciara Wants To give you “dat”

  1. The question is can you dance like her? *looks around* I would say i’d leave the one i’m with and be on the first thing smoking to KC, but my girl is actually the same height, build and loves to dance just like Ci-Ci…and i’m gonna have a TMI moment…but oh the things you can do with a tall, fine, flexible woman!!! LOL!!!

    This video didn’t really grab my attention like those of the past…that joint with Justin Timberlake had me screaming out “clean up on aisle 3” throughout the whole thing! Ride was another…JEBUS!

    But unfortunately I’d have to agree, given all the talent she has she really doesn’t seem to making much of an impact anymore…maybe she needs a new industry…if she takes her show on the road with the circus, maybe learn to swallow a sword, I’d pay money to go see that!

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