Kid Cudi ~ Erase Me (feat. Kanye West)

Finally a visual for one of my favorite songs in my iPod. I like the old-fashioned look of things, and the fact that they have my boy McLovin appearing. Its clear what decade Kid Cudi is going for, but Kanye West, with the gold crown, and gold chains. He looks like teenage Jesus.

The song is one that makes me twirl as I have mentioned in my previous post about it, the video is just the icing on the cake. Sidenote, I know Cudi struggles or struggled with a cocaine addiction, I don’t know if its good for him to be playing Jimi Hendrix on a video, I’m just worried about the boys relapse. Dont judge me!

Kid Cudi feat Kanye West ~ Erase Me


2 thoughts on “Kid Cudi ~ Erase Me (feat. Kanye West)

  1. Tosh.0 had a poll…”Which celebrity is most likey to die next year”…I hate to say it but the boy has screamed manic depressive since i’ve heard his first song. If that’s his lane then him and Marilyn Mason are free and clear.

    I like Cudi…I’m honestly scared for dude and i don’t even know him!

    And Kanye is going to hell for idolizing…i swear he worships himself…LOL!

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