T.I. ~ Get Back Up

After the verdict given on Friday October 15th, 2010 that stated Clifford Harris will have to serve 11 months in prison, we received a new track from T.I. The track starts off saying “I’m only Human”. I think we know that Tip, people make dumb decisions and this is what it is, there’s really nothing we can do about that. What I don’t like is the shout to the “haters”. Boy stop, the haters did not plant those drugs in your car…but I digress.

It’s an inspirational song (of course) and it works for me. The chorus rings true…

As soon as you fall down all the haters passing judgement

I think we can look forward to HEAT from T.I. since he’s been sentenced, he always makes the best music during these times in my opinion. In fact Paper Trail had to be one of my favorite albums since his first few. Without further ado, T.I. featuring Chris Brown (who knows a thing or two about getting back up).

T.I. Feat Chris Brown ~ Get Back Up


2 thoughts on “T.I. ~ Get Back Up

  1. all you can do is syh @ TI…and just bow your head and pray at the suicide savior he became the day before his sentence…LOL!

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