A Conversation with Ronald White BKA RonRon

Ronald White may be a name new to some, and older to others. Most know the Kansas City native as Ron-Ron, born and bred in the fifties, an upcoming rap artist, after the radio smash of his single “Hey Honey” he was the name on everyone’s lips. And then he disappeared, there was no Ron-Ron in sight, twitter page all but abandoned, with momentary updates we wondered where Ron-Ron had gone.

Well, he was found somewhere in Los Angeles

A Conversation with Ronald White BKA Ron-Ron



iKeish: What inspired Hey Honey? 

Ron-Ron: I was just listening to the beat tryin’ to figure what type of vibe it had. I wanted to do somethin’ that was upbeat and animated but not too too corny. So I figured I would say somethin people were already sayin but just turn the volume up on it. Then I added the lil bit of pimpin twist just so it wouldn’t have that beggin for attention feel but instead that demand attention vibe.  Instead of “can I talk to you?” it’s “hey you come over here!”. Confidence is everything but you also have to bring somethin to the table in order to throw ya weight around, otherwise you just seem like your fulla shit. Me personally I bring advice…good or bad, but “advice” nonetheless

iKeish: Would you consider yourself and underground artist?

Ron-Ron: Most definitely! I’m underground until I’m a household name.

iKeish: So there are future plans to go mainstream?

Ron-Ron: I have no ceiling…I want to climb as high as GOD allows me to.

iKeish: Cool, no ceilings. Is there a target market you’re going for?

Ron-Ron: Everyone. I mean that sincerely. I feel like I really have somethin’ meaningful to say so why would I want to keep it a secret. Reachin’ across racial, age, economic, and cultural lines is hard enough but to do it and not compromise who you are s a person and entertain the shit out of people at the same time is what I was born to do.

iKeish: I know this is random but,  I need a favor, I need you to do it RIGHT now empty your pockets. What do you have in there? gum, money, lint,…what?
Ron-Ron: I’m actually ashy knee naked right now, the only thing I’m wearin is a cure cancer rubber band bracelet and some soccs…Naw but I’d have to lie to answer that question so I might as well make it a silly lie.


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