Style Icon ~ Fall for Your Type (Favorite Fall Boots)

So its getting kind of cool outside, this is the time when the summers fashionistas have to prove themselves. It’s easy to be a nice dresser in the summertime in my opinion. Shower shoes, cut off shorts, and a tank top, with a few accesories…and you’re winning (okay maybe not with shower shoes). However, in the winter its a little more complicated to put together an outfit that works.

Let me be the first to say I am no fashionista, I’ve gotten a few compliments on my “style” but I would never give myself that title. I just know what I like, what looks good to me, as well as what fits my body type. Really, once you get those things down I believe you’re good.

Enough about me, this is what I found today, which I love:

Christian Louboutins 895.00

Sexy right? I mean seriously these shoes are bad. So for those of you who can afford the finer things in life visit and pick up 2 pair, I wear a size 9, and I would greatly appreciate these, as Christmas is right around the corner.

Since I know that my wish will go ungranted (surprise me) and that some of my readers cannot blow 895 on these wonderful shoes, I’ve included an alternative. Don’t get excited, these aren’t exactly the same, in fact they’re slightly different, but similar and are a lot more financially responsible in the case of my pockets.

Nine West 130.00

If you can do without the red bottoms I think these pretty much suffice. No they are not as dope as the Louboutins, but lets face it I wont be able to buy the Louboutins for at least another year or two (I plan to be rich here pretty soon) and by then they won’t be in style. Hey, at least I’m keeping it real with myself. So as I strut down the sidewalk in my 130.00 shoes with an extra 765.00 to spend on, oh I don’t know, my daughters college fund, I’ll be fine that the bottoms aren’t red.

*cue music*

Jamie Foxx (feat. Drake) Fall For Your Type

Soundtrack provied by: Jamie Foxx feat Drake.


7 thoughts on “Style Icon ~ Fall for Your Type (Favorite Fall Boots)

  1. I despise bloggers rave about fashion trends they can’t afford, much less their readers. I have learned to ignore their existence and continue to celebrate the bloggers who do an impeccable job providing us with feasible fashion advice that doesn’t include things like, BE MORE LIKE RIHANNA…YEAH SHE’S HOT.

    that being said, thanks for my morning murkfest. #DEAD

  2. I love it. On a personal level, I pay full-price for nothing, and while I appreciate attention to detail, and fine materials used in high fashion, my wallet prefers the ready-to-wear alternative.

    Also, opentoe shoe-booties are the coolest thing ever.

    I have to admit, however, that I am particle to riding boots. Here are my favorite fall boots:

  3. I guess since it’s seems to be a slow music millenium, I’ve been reduced to chime in on the fashion post as well…

    I’m actually kind of excited because i just got my Zappo order in today with my new kicks that match the top joints perfect (minus that ridiculous price)…

    …I unfortunately wont be the one surprising you, but we need to hit the street together and KILL’EM when you get your ones up and cop them…LOL!!!

    • OMG Tony, I love those. Did your girl help you pick those out? She had to, I love them, I said that I know but I really do. We can step out and do a dope dance sequence…Westside Story style.

      • All me son!!! I have moments of nice…plus i can do sneakers and shoes all day…i usually start bottom up…it’s the stuff up top i usually have a problem with. But i like what i like, which is usually whatever catches my eye…i’m real simple when it comes to dressing.

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