Bullsh!t Song of the Week Vol. 3

Woo…swag, surprisingly enough, I think Lil B would be proud rather than pissed, that he has been considered for this weeks song. I mean I truly think that’s the kind of guy he is. Lil B from the pack. For those of you who have no idea who “Lil B The Based God” is all I can say is YouTube him. He is serious, before you ask. And, he seriously has fans, like a lot of fans. He has taken twitter by storm with his outrageous “You can drive my bitch” tweets. What really got the innanets buzzing was a claim he made earlier this week where he stated that if Kanye didn’t get with him about some music soon, well, he was going to f*ck Kanye in the butt. I’m paraphrasing here, but it stands true. He’ll both admit, and defend this tweet.

I don’t know, I’m highly entertained by this guy. I get a pretty good chuckle off of him, so…by all means #LetThatBoyRap.

My comedian and yours decided to make a video of that boy doing other things as well, don’t worry its PG13.

LetThatBoyRollThatFootage…woo swag! O_O

More Lil B Music that makes me giggle…woo, woo, woo, swag….

Cooking Dance


3 thoughts on “Bullsh!t Song of the Week Vol. 3

  1. I will have to check this guy out. I don’t follow to music of the music biz drama… but I need to youtube this guy…

  2. Guess i should read from the bottom up…why do i keep hearing about this boy…smh! i retract my statement in the MC Hammer post…how about everyone just stop making music all together.

    I wonder what the next music genre will be…I was listening to New Jack Swing the other day…I think Teddy Riley and Redhead need to make a comeback!

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