Wacky D (Mc Hammer) Disses Jay Z?

“Wacky D’s in the house, wacky D’s in the house” (Yall remember that from CB4, I know that wasn’t Hammer, but damn if it didn’t look like they were trying to poke a little fun!)

I added the question mark in the title because I’m asking a serious question. I really cannot tell if this is a diss at this point. So, Jay Z delivered one line with this man’s (MC Hammer) name in it and all hell literally breaks loose. After ranting on twitter about it Hammer still wasn’t done apparently. I usually wouldnt pay this much attention, but I figured since today is the day for fuckery on ikeish.com (see BS song of th week post) I may as well keep the party going with a 47 second diss video Hammer made for Jay Z entitled “Better, Run, Run”

King Hammer “Better Run Run”

Now, its 00:47 seconds of pure “What the fuckness” and to be honest after watching the video I’m inclined to believe Hammer is the one that’s the devil, this video is disturbing, a red devil breathing smoke, really? So, that’s supposed to be Jay Z coming for our souls? Or wait I’m having an Oracle moment here…Jay Z is the reason Hammer went broke.

I hope it stops here…and that no more “exposing” is done. I liked Hammer back in the day, he was a trendsetter, besides…I’m only mildly entertained by this. I gain more joy by watching a kitty play the piano…#illuminati.


2 thoughts on “Wacky D (Mc Hammer) Disses Jay Z?

  1. I’m confused…what just happen? These artist are really working my brain lately…i don’t like it one bit! I’m embarrassed to say, but where is a good dance song when you need it? I just saw a new joint called ride my face…could catch on!!!

    • lmao! Ride my Face? OMG!!! This is crazy! And my mom was tripping when she first heard them playing “Back Dat Ass Up” I know how she felt that day now, as a mother I’m clutching my pearls.

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