Listening Party: Dress Code Strictly Enforced

No one, and I mean no one is allowed in this party without proper attire. I’m currently wearing distressed jeans (I paid extra for the rips) and white and tee with a black and white picture of a little girl on the front, underneath the little girl reads: LE CHIC. No socks or shoes. Yea, I’m fresh as hell right now I hope you came prepared.

AS you all know I’m a Kanye West STAN and I really hope this isn’t the fruit of his whole album but with the help of I’ve linked a sample of what is to be expected on the album if not more. When I clicked listen now, the description stated:

Death Is All Around Me,The Reaper Is A Beautiful Coconut Complexioned Female,With Hair That Reaches Down To Her Lower Back,That Carries A 30 Inch Scythe, Wearing A Bikini Made Out Of The Skin Of All Her Male Victims,& High Black Heels That is So Shiny You Can See Your Reflection In Them.She Tries To Persuade Me,& Say I Should Go With Her And She’ll introduce Me To A Beautiful Death!


I  have no words for that shit right there nigga!!!

Listen to “Beautiful Death” here: Click Me

Also for those of you reluctant about going out and buying the new Kid Cudi album brings you the full album for listen (with a few :30 second tracks), so I decided to link it here as well. Cudi has always depressed me personally, but maybe he’ll show us his Little Miss Sunshine on this album. I don’t know, I’ll let you all be the judge.

Man on the Moon II: Click Me

What else we got here, oh okay…you know I had to stay true my Fridays, especially since I’ve been on my lazy swag for like three weeks. So I had to put at least one mixtape in this post, and yes its Wale. I like Wale I don’t care what Cudi says, this mixtape will get spins in the ride, along with the other two that I’ve posted. I think I have an affinity for the DMV anyway.

Black and Yellow:  Click Me

Have a Happy and Safe and Drunken Halloween full of debauchery and safe sex, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, if not…well have a good weekend anyway! Oh I have great news, I’ll reveal in another blog, I don’t want to steal Uncle Ye’s shine.


3 thoughts on “Listening Party: Dress Code Strictly Enforced

  1. *Walks in fresh out of bed wearing some ball shorts, wife b and ankle socks…picking the boogies out my eyes*

    Don’t get wrapped up in the details of that line…what you should get from it is that i roll out of bed and the first thing i do is log onto ikeish! :)…well not really logon cause you don’t have to, but you know what i’m saying!

    And you never disappoint…got me some riding music for the day…time to get dressed and hit the streets. Hopefully i make it back home with the first two, I might end up jumping out the window and falling straight to hell with those two…what’s up with them? LOL! I think Kanye, much like 50 does is taking what people are saying about him to literally…if i didn’t think the nicca sold his soul before, i don’t know, i’m starting to reconsider…

    I think i’ll listen to the Wale until I’m at least safe and secure back in my home…*gets up scratches booty and proceeds to the shower* LATERZ!!!

  2. PS. You have to get dat account…i just downloaded all 3…DatPiff has all Dat good Piff, probably why they named it that…i’m just guessing!

  3. So far I’ve listened to Wale’s joint a few times…I like! Now i’ll need to go to my happy place before Kanye and Cudi esclipse my sunshine with darkness

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