J. Cole ~ I’m Coming Home

I don’t think you guys understand my love for this guy. J. Cole will be in Lawrence KS, November 11, 2010 I tweeted that I’d bust it wide open for him, but I’m not your typical groupie. BE CLEAR in my Obama voice, I wouldn’t actually bust it wide open for him, I would be way too enamored with his presence to do so. I love what he does for my ear lobes, and my mind. I love the things he raps about. A rapper ever given you this feeling?

Ok, now onto the actual song…I like the chorus, even though its kind of emo (randomly I think the word emo should be replaced with Cudi, I’m just saying) the actual verses aren’t Cudi at all, (see what I did there?) they are actually pretty inspiring. I’ve made some pretty huge decisions in the past few months and J. Cole has been the soundtrack to these decisions, this is one that I will be adding to the bunch. I hope you enjoy….

J. Cole ~ I’m Coming Home


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