Kanye West ~ The Joy

This beat deserves Hennessy, a bad bitch, and a bag of weed…the Holy Trinity


Wait, do you guys see what I see? Is that Foxy Brown aka Pam Grier on the cover art? Oh this is something more than a song just because of the cover…nice choice Kanye, no pause needed…I can compliment another woman…especially if its Pam.

Enough about me, here we have Kanye West’s most recent Good Friday release, which features Pete Rock, Jay Z, Kid Cudi Curtis Mayfield and Charlie Wilson. For some reason it gives me an old timey feeling, the chorus is so smooth, kind of like some old Motown pimp stuff right? I remember growing up, and my Grams would throw parties where me and my cousins would have to stay upstairs. Still not my favorite of the Good Friday releases, it’s still low-key amazing how he can drop a good song every week, that doesn’t reference a dance, or the ass load of crack he sold and still sells. These demos are great examples that hip hop never died and probably never will.


Kanye West ~ The Joy


2 thoughts on “Kanye West ~ The Joy

  1. The stars above is for the cover…GOOD GOT DAMN!!!.

    I too like the ole school feel of the song…i like music that have a soul. Of course i could be talking out my ass right now, cause i’m still stuck on the cover…

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