Nicki Minaj ~ Roman’s Revenge

*in my best Nicki Minaj (innocent) voice*

I. I. I. just don’t know…

After the past few releases I’ve become a Nicki fan, I’m not a Barbie. However I like this chick its kind of hard not to. I mean people will argue me up and down about this but I don’t have points to make here this girl can rap simple as that. Ok, so after all that I must admit that I’m not a fan of this track, not Nickis verse not Ems verse not under a tree not by the sea. I am not into this song. Granted, Nicki had some dope one liners where she addresses any and everyone who has had something to say about the spawn of her career. I’m just not that impressed, maybe its just me but this is not a hit in my opinion. You can’t win em all.

Nicki Minaj Romans Revenge

Tracklist for Pink Friday

  1. I’m the Best
  2. Roman’s Revenge (Eminem)
  3. Did it On Em’
  4. Right Thru Me
  5. Fly (Rihanna)
  6. Check it Out (Will. I. Am.)
  7. Blazin’ (Kanye West)
  8. Here I Am
  9. Dear Old Nicki
  10. Your Love
  11. Last Chance (Natasha Bedingfield)
  12. Super Bass
  13. Blow Ya Mind
  14. Muny
  15. Girls Fall Like Dominoes

One thought on “Nicki Minaj ~ Roman’s Revenge

  1. I just want to stick my…slowly down the crack of her…

    Whoa…sorry almost lost myself for a sec there!

    Yea, i’ll have to agree, not as hot as everyone predicted the track to be. I can admit I wasn’t that much of a Minaj fan at first…it definitely was the voice inflexions and craziness i could do without. When she simply raps or sorta kinda sings like on the other joint she’s aight…i won’t jump on the bandwagon and ride like everyone else, unless it’s on the back of…and then i’d lick the…okay i need some me time… *throws up usher finger*

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