Listening Party: Bright Orange is the move

I have on my bright orange jumpsuit and my flip-flops with socks. Yea this is the prison edition. One rapper goes in and another comes out. I’m not posting the Lil Wayne release video here, I don’t see the point. I’m just glad he’s out, I guess. I mean, jail is a horrible place to be. So to get the party started courtesy of of course. We have the “Welcome Home Weezy” mixtape.

Welcome Home Weezy: Click Me

Next up, waken and baken with the Wiz Kid, Wiz Khalifa. Aside from a cloud of smoke I don’t get tired of Wiz, some of these tracks may be old to a few, I think its been remastered or something not sure. Anyway, its worth the post just because its Wiz Khalifa in my opinion. Enjoy.

The Epitome of Wiz Khalifa: Click Me

And finally, the mix tape that’s been holding me up all day…from my love Chrisette Michelle “Love Thy Brother” her voice is everything to me, so it was well worth the wait. I plan to roll to this all weekend, I’ve been searching for something melodic, looks like I found it. Have a nice weekend, even though I’ll be posting more “stuff” later on this evening. Stay tuned.

Love Thy Brother: Click Me


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