Chrisette Michele ~ So In Love

This is a new track off of Chrisette Micheles new album Let Freedom Reign, set to drop November 30, 2010. Although I adore the radio single that she currently has out, this is the one that she should have put on the air in my opinion. However, I’m a huge fan so she really didn’t have to release anything at all and I still would have copped the album.

This track features Rick Ross, and is really smooth. I think that ever since Aston Martin music dropped I’ve been looking forward to slower tempos on songs, it could also be due to the fact that the seasons changing. Some songs are meant to be played loudly in a residential area, windows down, beat on, while other songs are meant to be enjoyed in the company of your own home. This song works for me in the house. Even though its smooth the beat is still powerful.

Chrisette Michele ~ So in Love Listen Here


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