J. Cole ~ Purple Rain

After totally disrespecting the Kanye track and bringing light-skinned fellas back like they never left, I wondered what else young J. Cole could possibly give us, what verse gets better than that? Did he out do himself?

Of course not, well at least I don’t think so, J. Cole is a talent and someone who I’m truly a stan for I’ve been this way since Black Simba. I am just waiting for the album to drop, I’m so sure it wont disappoint at all, its definitely his time.

We have a new track from him, the tempo is kind of slow, something to chill to…enjoy.

Download Here

Listen: J. Cole ~ Purple Rain


9 thoughts on “J. Cole ~ Purple Rain

  1. He’s grinding hard…but i think Jay needs to put more of his influence behind him and get him to Drake status, he still doing cameo’s with other niccas on the come up…he need to be doing songs with established people already…

    • Jay Z is busy making sure he doesn’t get Beyonce pregnant. Have you seen paranormal activity 2? Well apparently if you make a deal for fortune with the devil you have to give your first born to the devil. O_O…Aw man I shouldnt have said that, now I’m going to be kicked out of the illuminati for sure.

  2. I actually did sit through that wack ass movie…people have grown way to fascinated with this whole illuminati thing…one thing don’t mention and see not to get understand that illuminati only applies to white folks! We don’t pray to God we pray to Gotti!!! Plus everyone knows in hood it’s Candyman that comes to get you, not the Devil! LOL!

    • But watch some conspiracist read that, and think

      “you know what, shes right! Think I’m going to make a youtube video about it, like to see it here it go”

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