The Wu is BACK!

Ok, this aint that, but I do remember this being tweeted yesterday by the WuTang Clan. I’m excited, I’ve always loved their raunchy style so if they are coming back I’ll be front row waiting.

Now, onto the real business. My favorite of the crew Ghostface Killah has a new single out. Before there was a Cam’Ron, before there was a Lil B, there was disrespectful ass Ghostface Killah, he told it like it was, brutally honest, that’s what I adore about him, with this single “Together Baby” he delivers some of the same brash remarks that he has in the past, I love his “love songs”.

I roll on bytches, like a skateboard gotta few friends that give dey cake to whores. Me, that’s a no-no

I am really feeling the sample that he used on this one, cannot wait to see whats next from him. Before I post that song though, I have to post one of my favorite Ghostface songs…

Ghostface Killah ~ CherChez La Ghost

I know you all remember that, I swear that’s one of my all time favorite songs, I still ride to that! The new song “Together Baby” is below. Enjoy.

Download \”Together Baby\” Here

Listen Here: Together Baby


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