Style Icon ~ Black Girls Rock

I was going to go the artistic route and make my own, but I think this may be a worthwhile investment. In case some of you were wondering where to find the “Black Girls Rock” tee shirts, they are at

 It seems like after the BET show no one has mentioned Black Girls Rock(ing) anymore, it is no longer a trending topic on twitter, and the “buzz” has died. Little do you know, the celebration never ended, we always known we rock, a reminder is nice, but we don’t need to constantly proclaim it to the world. So, for those of you who said “Oh it takes a BET special for y’all to think y’all rock” I say um nigga (its fitting) no! From the time that I busted through the birth canal and the sun-kissed my skin I knew I rocked…go find my post on my black girl features, honeychile please.

This is my favorite performance from the show Sunday night.

Kelly Price, Jill Scott, Marsha Ambrosius, and Ledisi. Ledisi disrespected this performance, I had to gather myself.

Four Women originally by Nina Simone:


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