Kid Cudi ~ Marijuana

Mary Jane, Kush, Keish, Reggie, Dosia, Indo, Outdo, Weed, Bud,  Dope, Green Goblin….


No matter the nickname you have for it, we all know what the outcome of it is. High nights, red koolaid, laughing til you cry, low eyes, and Jimi Hendrix records. Oh, this is just the effect it has on me? I’m kidding I don’t know the chief. I have enough relatives to know that this song is about to be a weed smoking anthem, joints only, no blunts. For all of Kid Cudis depressing tracks, there are times when he strikes a chord of genius, in my opinion this is one of them. I mean, I don’t smoke, but I could chill to this….:o) *sidenote* The track actually ends at 4:20….pretty dope, no pun intended

Kid Cudi ~ Marijuana


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