Lil Wayne ~ Do It Again

…Your child is so precious, I wish it was paternally mine

I usually like Lil Waynes brand of love, served to many, in 3 courses, and the dessert is usually a baby boy or girl. This is what you can expect and nothing less, what a meal. This particular track is CDQ and samples an old school track, and y’all know I’m a sucker for that. Not to mention, this love stuff makes me kind of vibe out with the artist. I mean, who can’t relate to heartbreak? No matter which side of it you’re on.

Fresh out of Rikers, this track comes off the Carter 4 if I’m not mistaken.

Lil Wayne ~ Do It Again

Okay so I’ve listened to this track 5 times back to back to back to…well you get the point..this man is just everything with words sometimes.


3 thoughts on “Lil Wayne ~ Do It Again

  1. Although I’ve had it up to my tonsils with Weezy you can never go wrong with the old school sound…Dip Set and Kanye got it down pretty good!

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