Listening Party: Birthday Suits Only

 Ladies, put some make up on the stretch marks, and fellas shave your chest hair and try to tuck in your stomach, no one wants to see all that nastiness. This week has been a good week in music as far as I’m concerned, let’s do a recap. Chrisette Michele‘s new single with Rick Ross, Kanye Wests album leaked, Wiz Khalifa went to jail but still gave us a new single called “Stunt’n”, Kid Cudi gave us a weed smoking anthem, Rihannas Loud was leaked, J. Cole and Drake wooed the ladies with “In the Morning”.

 I’m saying that your vehicle should be equipped with some of the best music thanks to even though its drizzling outside, everything is sunny in my palace. I’ve got G.O.O.D. music literally and pancakes, bacon and eggs are on deck thanks to me.Hopefully I painted a sunny picture for you all. I’m happy, simple as that. So this weeks mixtapes come from a lot of places, not just rap this week.

After P3, I was looking at Trey Songz like um well damn, your mixtapes have better material. So you know I was excited to see that he dropped another mixtape this week. I know that some of you will be too. Here is Trigga Trey.

Trigga Trey: Listen Here

Recently, I have come to the realization that there are fans of Lil B the Based God that actually follow my site as well. Though the two don’t really go together, I still adore my readers, so when I heard that Lil B dropped a mixtape entitled “Red Flame” I listened to it, not in its entirety, but at least I’m trying guys. If you all like him though, then I’ll rock with it. So here’s Lil B The BASED God, “Red Flame.”

Lil B Red Flame: Listen Here

Lets see what else do we have here? I have also heard a lot about Tyga‘s new mixtape was a good one. The Young Money representative brought us “Well Done” this week. All throughout my timeline these lyrics were being quoted, so it made me perk up a little as I have never truly been a fan. I downloaded fan of a fan with Chris Brown, but nothing more than that. Here is Tyga’s “Well Done”

Tyga Well Done: Listen Here

Apparently J. Cole is sleeping like a baby, so this post will not include Friday Night Lights. I’m sure its dope enough to have its own post on So I’m watching his twitter page, when he posts it I’ll post it. Have a good weekend, try to stay wet, or dry, or whichever you prefer. Laterzzzzz


2 thoughts on “Listening Party: Birthday Suits Only

  1. When Tyga and Lil B mixtapes are all that’s available music has not only gone to the dogs, but it sprewing out the wrong end!

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