Friday Night Lights (J. Cole)

I am almost ashamed to say that I am just now getting around to posting this mixtape, almost. However, the reason for my tardiness is none other than the cloud that I’ve been on due to Kanye West “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” I Like to get my feel of one artist at a time, it makes for clear thinking.

Dont get me wrong, I was just as eager for J. Coles mixtape as everyone else was, when I didnt see it by Friday afternoon I figured I’d get it when I get it. Around 9pm when I logged back onto twitter, I saw the link and got excited, only to click it and realize you people might as well have murked both the main and the alternative links.  Thank Oprah someone was looking out for me and DMed me yet another alternate link, and that’s where we are now.

Friday Night Lights

There is not much left to say at this point, this mixtape is everything. I’m floored by this mans lyricism. @hissoapbox simply posted a tweet that said:

 @iKeish: Drake, J. Cole, or Jay Electronica?

Come on people, do I even need to respond? Well if you’re uncertain of my answer, download this mixtape and I’m sure that will clear things up for you. Meanwhile back at the Roc Nation headquarters, Jay Electronica is now holding up the Roc. This is about to be epic. Next question…Young Money, Roc Nation, or Rosewood….hmmm? What do y’all think?


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights (J. Cole)

  1. The might be in the same book, but these two are definitely on the same page in my book…

    Jay E, although newer to most has a knowledge and vintage flow that can’t be compared to J. Cole youth. J. Cole definitely is one of the better up and coming artist (one of my favs) but although we haven’t heard enough of Jay E yet he’s already at vet status.

    Now onto this mixtape…so mad…i have so much music to listen to! I haven’t even gotten around to the Kanye joint yet :\

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