The Game + Diddy = Red Bottoms

First off let me start by saying there were absolutely no good mixtapes out today, I checked and checked again, but nothing. I am not upset by this because I’m still very high off of the Kanye leak as well as J. Cole‘s Friday Night Lights mixtape released last Friday. Not to mention the Nicki Minaj‘s new album.

While I was paroosing the internets for good mixtapes for my weekend and yours I stumbled across a track by The Game featuring Diddy. I had no idea that he released anything at all, he’s been pretty active on twitter, but I don’t remember the mention of this single. The Game is for the girls…

 The Game + Diddy= Red Bottoms


One thought on “The Game + Diddy = Red Bottoms

  1. This might of got out of the studio by mistake…it could of stayed there…i don’t think it’s finish, it hasn’t quite reached good yet :\

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