My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Original Score)

I think that by now, we all know that Kanye’s album is EPIC. This is NOT a debatable topic and anyone who doesn’t agree should be shipped to an island, and left to mate with goats. Seriously, I’m impressed. He was definitely able to live up to and surpass the hype. So I decided not to do a review on the album, I felt like doing so would be silly since we all know its great.

As any of my regular readers know I am usually hooked to a song based off of the samples that the artist uses. I’m usually into old school samples on the chorus. For some reason it makes me nostalgic, and even if I wasn’t around during those times, I still like to imagine. Well just recently I was blessed with Kanye West’s original score for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy earlier this week.

The tracks include Black Sabbath, Bon Iver, Gil-Scott Herron, and others. I know that someone will appreciate this so here is a link to the score. I’d love for this to be the background music in my house, or like at an art gallery, a boutique even.

Happy Thanksgiving

Download The Orignal Score Here


3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Original Score)

  1. EPIC was actually the word i was looking for yesterday…not to mention it’s a GREAT workout album…each song comes on at just the right time to remotivate you! Kanye West is my hero…


  2. I haven’t stopped listening to Ye’ since I received it from the most amazing site in the world. The world. It plays simultaneously in my head as my personal soundtrack. If I see a beautiful girl looking sexy automatically I hear her say … “Yeezy taught me”

    I bought a copy today. Thanks for the score!

  3. This coolmmmi love to hear where remade or sampled music came from. It allows me to test my musical genius to see if I would have pulled the same from that song…so far I got nothing! :\

    Makes you respect his work more for the appreciation he has for music…dude is awesome…I keep saying it must suck to be misunderstood

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