Pink Friday (Review…long overdue)

This past Monday 11/22/10 Nicki Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday was released. This album had just as much hype behind it as Drakes did. I don’t know if that’s because the two get on everyone’s track and kill all the way up until the actual release of their album or what.

 Young Money’s blueprint:

Jump on everything you can, rap better than the actual artist, and when it comes time to release your actual album fill it with mediocrity. You already have the crowd hooked, this guarantees that your records will sell no matter how bad you do, due to how well you did as just a feature on other rappers/singers tracks. The listeners will be forced to rock with your less than zero album because they are aware of your potential. They will continue to purchase album after album just to see if you will give them the “spark” that you gave on those mixtapes or while being featured on another persons song. This is your manual to success. Live by it. Yours Truly…DeWayne Carter.

I mean this absolutely has to be the case. I’m not impressed with Ms. Minaj’s album as a whole. Of course there are a couple of songs that I can dig, but really she didn’t give me as much substance as I expected. I like a couple of tracks where she comes off a little raunchy.

If Lil Kim would straighten up and fly right, this would be a oppurtune time for her to come back, I mean…really. However she wont, so we have Nicki. For those of you who purchased the album, what are your thoughts? I have linked the couple of songs that I like. Otherwise the album was too sing songy for me. :-/

01 I’m The Best

03 Did It On’em


5 thoughts on “Pink Friday (Review…long overdue)

  1. smh…TPAM is so random!!! LOL!!!

    This was to be expected…everyone went crazy over the Roman’s Revenge album…but all it showed me was there wasn’t going to be much more to offer on the album than that and that was aaaahhhhhh…okay :\

    On another note you selection of pic is ummm…Yea…nice dat’s nice!!! Tittay’s!!!

  2. I think I’m the only one who likes this album, if for entertainment purposes only. Who woulda thunk Drake & Nicki would have released R&B albums amid their storied rap careers. Monumental.

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