Jackin 4 Beats (Raheem Devaughn Mixtape)


Just last night while having a mini listening party with Trey Songz recent mixtape release, “#Letmeholddatbeat” someone asked me “Is Trey the only RnB singer to drop this many mixtapes?”. Due to the fact that I’m not a walking wikipedia, I was unable to answer, I know Chris Brown has dropped quite a few as of late…anyway….

Well, today I wake up to the talk of a video out by Raheem Devaughn as well as a mixtape. Shout out to MissInfo.tv for the download link and the tracklist. Enjoy.

Jackin 4 Beats Digital Album


3 thoughts on “Jackin 4 Beats (Raheem Devaughn Mixtape)

  1. He most of seen my sextape…smh…there’s no such thing as originality anymore! LOL!

    I’m sure they’ll be showing it on BET before weeks end…

  2. mannnnn….i’m not really happy about this one. I usually like his music though. (listening to it on basecamp.com and his intro almost made me wanna kill myself.) as always, I still got love for my walkin Wikipedia of a sister.

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