Fabolous + Paul Cain = Steve Jobs

I have a huge crush on Fab’s teeth, seriously. Theres something about a man who has the money to fix his teeth (50 Cent, T.I., Nas) and doesn’t. The epitome of real in my opinion. That alone makes me all warm inside about Fab, not to mention his flow, which has remained the same since the day I started listening. And isn’t that what we all search for? Some sort of nostalgic reminder the Brooklyn isn’t all glitz and glam? There is a certain drive that you have to obtain to get to where you want to be, I’m just saying.

Anywho, I present to you…

Fabolous + Paul Cain = Steve Jobs


One thought on “Fabolous + Paul Cain = Steve Jobs

  1. “Now i got this chick showing me what Yeezy taught her…” LOL…I agree, have to love Fab for his consistency…you always get at least one repeatable bar…for example “she has a donkey with her like Juan Valdez…” that was my favorite up until just now…

    To bad Paul Cain will never be relevant, curse of being second…sucks you can’t have an Eli and Payton in Hip Hop…it’s never worked, just ask 25 cents (50 unclaimed cousin). Paul is actually a pretty nice rapper too…

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