Jeremih and 50 Cent Put it Down on You in 3D

I sent everyone 3D glasses in the mail you should be receiving them shortly. Oh, how did I get your addresses? Thats G14 classified. If you’ve yet to receive your glasses I suggest going to your nearest AMC theatre and grabbing a pair, it might be worth it. At least 50 Cent will be able to say he was the first to do it.


2 thoughts on “Jeremih and 50 Cent Put it Down on You in 3D

  1. *checks pockets* Damn, forgot my glasses at home! I really have a stock pile of them…return them my ass…if i have to pay extra those glasses are officially mine! They will all sit in their spot collecting dust…i’m a closet hoarder :)…and yes my magina reeks!!! HA!!!

    Funny thing is this video has been out for months…i wonder why now all of a sudden it’s starting to catch on. When I first saw it on Youtube it didn’t say it was 3D, just said they used some weird effect…i wish i could confirm this…where’s a pair of 3D glasses when you need them!!! It’s even starting to pick up play on the radio out here…I guess Youtube can do your career wonder…I think it’s time I make a Youtube debut!

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