T.I. + Drake = Poppin Bottles

Now that I’ve officially become a member of #teamlisted I can appreciate songs like this, standing on the couch, popping bottles of Voss water (hey I’m a square I had to put the liquor down, iKeish is for the kids) in VIP. This will definitely be a club banger, I don’t know if KC will accept it due to the fact that it isn’t on the radio yet, but hey I call it like I see it.

T.I. is releasing tons of tracks since his jail sentence, if he doesn’t know how to do anything at all he knows how to stay relevent, and I can rock with it, no matter how dumb his choices are, we all make dumb choices. I just hate that he tried to blame haters in this situation…come on man.

T.I. + Drake = Poppin Bottles


3 thoughts on “T.I. + Drake = Poppin Bottles

  1. Is it just me, or do some rappers become less impressive as their career progresses? (Somebody shoot drake, or give him a court case and make him interesting again. Geeze.)

  2. I couldn’t of said the above better…

    You should have to have equal or greater charges than the person who’s song you are featured on…Drake needs a felony under his belt…he’s way to squeaky clean!

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