Morning Inspiration = Leave ME Alone

Someone I follow on proclaimed “I’m sure J. Cole has paid off his college loans by now, he can stop writing about that.” My reaction was…unfollow. I’m kidding, I mean that’s what I wanted to do, but I didn’t, in fact I don’t even remember who tweeted it but I remember the tweet damn it.

The perspective that J. Cole raps from every now and again is a perspective that a lot of us can relate to, the same perspective that people try to lynch Jay Z for leaving, I mean, what the hell do you people want from these artists? We’re never satisfied, J. Cole satisfies me every night though, in my mind. Don’t worry its healthy.

The chorus for this one features Kevin Cossom, his vocals are always so smooth, and rock well with J. Coles delivery. Again, more morning inspiration. You, my friend, aren’t the only one going through it.

J. Cole + Kevin Cossom= Leave Me Alone


One thought on “Morning Inspiration = Leave ME Alone

  1. i’d like to say this FIRST…GREAT IDEA! My FIRST will actually mean something one day when this site is as poppin as mediatakeout, worldstarhiphop and missinfo all put together…

    unfortunately people are like ass holes, so who gives a shit what everyone else thinks…J. Cole is A-OK in my book…rock on broham!!!

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