This Week in Kansas City: Urban Republic

Sitting inside of the Juke House on a chilly Monday evening expecting to hear nothing more than a few good poets, have a couple of good laughs, chow down on some delicious spinach dip, and chill with my artsy friends, never would I have expected to run into something like this.

So when the little light-skinned fellow with the baby afro took the stage with a smirk, I was stunned with what came out of his mouth, and yes…he gave me goosebumps. As his group mate and wife sat in the audience quietly, he demanded the attention of the audience that night.

Urban Republic includes James “Dewey Da Don” Harris, Casanova “Novacain” Butler, and Elisabeth “Maria Juliet” Smith. Their most recent mixtape entitled The Audition: Who is Urban Republic is available on

As most people know I’m into music I like, recently I’ve been asked to put some of Kansas City‘s artists up, so this is the week to do it. Most of them hold their own, others not so much. Your opinion and constructive criticism will only help these artists so feel free to comment as needed.

Kansas Cities own…

Check out the mixtape here

Listen Live Here

Opinions welcome, as always…


3 thoughts on “This Week in Kansas City: Urban Republic

    • You are very welcome dear, feel free to call or email me the next time you guys go to Soul Sessions and perform, however I’ll be there anyway more than likely lol.

  1. I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing because the server started to mess up around track 5 or 6…but from what i heard it’s not that bad. If i can offer any suggestions i’d say 1. for the rappers, please don’t fall into the new fad I think Drake (or Lil Wayne) made so popular…you’re not authentic your a copy, Xerox. What the world needs now….is not another Young Money member…2. what seperates a song from being good to being great (besides a hot beat) is the hook. you have to find the person in your area making the best beats and you have to put something on them that makes the song stand out…which lead to 3. your singer has to find her voice. Her voice doesn’t sound that developed…i’m not record exec, but I use to dabble in music and i’ve heard a lot of mixtapes, demo, etc and she sounds very local (untrained). Not to say she sounds horrible, but putting her on a track to single a long hook, when she doesn’t have any flare to her voice can once again hurt the song because the hook has to be strong…

    Like i said I only heard 5 songs, so that’s my observation just based on those 5 to 6 songs…I’ll download it from datpiff later…keep’em coming Keish I use to do this ALLLLLL DAYYYYYYYY!!!

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