Video: Fabolous ~ You Be Killin’ Em

I love this song off of his album There is No Competition 2.

I love Fab

I love Amber Rose

I don’t have much else to say along those lines.

(wait…sidenote…Yeezy taught you well)

Enjoy the video.


4 thoughts on “Video: Fabolous ~ You Be Killin’ Em

  1. Amber is bad don’t get me wrong, but there has to be enough bad b*tches out there that you don’t have to share…

    “He just took my old bitch and turn it to his new bitch…”

    I have to wonder was that for Fab? LOL…ironic cause Fab’s verse is right after Kanye’s.

    Either way…mindless industry hoopla…she is still bad as all hefty and since I’m not famous, she could still get it upside down with the lights dimmed. “You p*ssy all reappulsered…who reappulsered your p*ssy? Yezzy reappulsered my p*ssy” LOL!

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