Kanye West ~ Eyes Closed

A jewel that didn’t make it on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Left on the studio floor like a dream deferred only to be picked up, dusted off and set on a fireplace. Okay, maybe not so much. The hook repeats:

I sold my soul to the devil that’s a crappy deal, least it came with a few toys like a happy meal”

I love how my Uncle Kanye pretty much keeps the rumor mills turning, when Jay Z ignores it so nobly, I can count on Kanye to “fuck” with them. Though I believe that MBDTF is perfect as is, this could have made it even better. I always prefer to hear Ye’ on a track by himself, he shines so damn brightly. This track is simplified when it comes to the beat, as always Kanye gives a look into his psyche, and I take a peak every chance I get.

Kanye West ~ Eyes Closed


3 thoughts on “Kanye West ~ Eyes Closed

  1. I hate when artists cut tracks… let us decide & KEEP the album in it’s entirety regardless of how long it makes it.

    I really like him as the lone wolf too. Lyrically fantastic & the chorus is beautiful.

  2. Kanye is such a powerful artist,sad thing is that he knows this. Your right leave it up to ye’s to bring such debatable topic’s to the fore front and gives America and the world even more flames for a barn yard roast just to uncover only smoke up his ass. A shit talker at best but in his eyes it has a pretty good smell to it. #roses #random I wonder if sunflowers have a smell to it. Idk but this is a shitty album, I bought the shit, broke it down and cooked that shit, and I’m holding some charmens toilet paper ready for some more shit. What kinda shit will he start next? “Abomination of Obama’s nation. A real fucked up way to start a conversation” Mr. Toilet bowl patently waiting for a movement.

    • Though this post was rather enjoyable I have to disagree, Kanye West’s album was not bullshit, I can understand not liking it, okay I cant, but to call it the shit of bulls, I mean really B? I enjoy the shit starting that Kanye does, it gives the critics something to do. It takes major balls to go out of the house in full fur in a community that only houses those PETA folks, this is sort of the same thing. People look for Ye to be this way, he just goes above and beyond, he does whats expected, if he ever did anything outside of the norm, we would also find something wrong with that. Some people cant win.

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