Microwave Movements



We hate Jay Z.

Broad statement coming from someone as loyal as me so you know this must be some type of hoax. It is, as far as I’m concerned, but it seems like Black America is up in arms once again.

The issue: A college student goes into Barney’s, purchases a $300 Ferragano belt and gets racially profiled (basically harassed by authorities) after doing so. This student has a civil rights case pending. Great right? He’ll win more than likely but with the wake of the Trayvon Martin case I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor kid didn’t. Anyway you’d think this was enough right??? Wrong.

The Peoples Solution: Jay Z needs to pull his line of clothes that will be launching in November…..

*heavy sigh* At first we were upset that the college student even spent that amount of money on a belt. And when that didn’t work we target Jay Z. Listen, a stand needs to be made, that’s true, but lets sit and think a minute here. If we’re so appalled by this treatment, lets just stop going to Barney’s. I don’t get this mentality of needing an established person to tell us what to do or to “throw the first stone” if you will. We ALL have voices, and believe it or not we have more power than we give ourselves credit for.

Lets NOT stand on the shoulders of giants and call it victory.

Until next time…


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